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Symacon (Private) Limited is a registered Zimbabwean consulting firm serving the entire Southern, Eastern and Western Africa region and beyond for the past 27 years, completing over 500 projects in the period. SymaconSolutions is a Symacon brand built and continuously driven by a vast knowledge base of project management and service delivery successes and challenges by private and public organisations on the African continent.

SymaconSolutions is dedicated to developing innovative solutions enabling our clients to succeed in their missions and transform to new heights of growth and resource effectiveness. We recognise the ever increasing pace of change in technology and its impact on business performance and the quality of life on earth. We thrive on product development and innovation. SymaconSolutions’ range of services include:

  • Organisation Development and Project Management solutions;
  • Systems development and Capacity Building in governance, finance and human resources management;
  • Electronic Service Delivery solutions using simple yet powerful ICT applications and,
  • Wealth management solutions for individual and institutional financial sustainability.

  • We have served clients ranging from small community based organisations, to large national, regional and international NGOs, bi-lateral organisations and international Foundations. Our foot print on the ground is found in Southern, Eastern, and Western Africa, Asia and Europe.

    Our team of fulltime consultants covers Organisation Development, Project Management, Field Research and Marketing, Accounting & Compliance, Wealth Management, ICT Systems Development and ICT Network Design and Installation. We also have a network of Consulting Associates in Zimbabwe, the SADC and East African regions and are able to assemble a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-skilled team with very short lead time.
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